Thinking differently

 The dominant thinking in our organisational and social worlds could be described as linear. There is the assumption that a cause A leads to an effect B. Systemic ideas add a different thinking that is more circular. A and B might cause each other (perpetuating dynamics) and the question is not so much whether we know this but what meanings we attach to it .

Having a systemic approach will add greatly to the possible insights and options that become available to the organisation and individuals within it.


Acting differently

"Theatre is the dress-rehearsal for real life" wrote Augusto Boal. A playful setting allows for improvisation, for trying out new ideas that can be implemented so much more easily. Organisational challenges can be "played out" and new, often surprising solutions and insights emerge.  Playing is a very human and humane way to experiment with change, to try things out and to make the unknown a safe space. 

Playing is rehearsing new options for real life .